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xombiedirge: Adventure Time #32 Variant… - en We Heart It.

Blair and Dean AU

He knew he hurt her more than anyone. He left for two months without saying a word. He didn’t answered her messages. He screwed up, but right now… Dean knew that he can’t live without this girl. Since day he saved her, she was the only light in his life. Everybody were saying that she’s  a bitch. Maybe she was but not for him. She was carying, fragile… That was Blair he knew. That was Blair he loved. He was invited to this party. Serena told him that Blair misses him, that she’s waiting. And he was so nervous to see her. He even bought her peonies, her favorite flowers, but when he was about to say “hi”, Dean noticed that she’s with someone else. He wanted to runaway, but it was too late. Blair saw him. It was all his fault. She had another man and maybe if he answered that damn phone she would wait? She looked away and Dean just got closer. It was tears in her eyes. She tried to make them go away. “Maybe I still have a chance?” - he mumbled and sit next to her. She didn’t say a word, but he knew - he’ll do everything to get her back.